Our on-line surveillance training courses offer an innovative approach to the teaching of specialist practical skills. We offer a blended learning approach backed up with assessments to confirm knowledge and identify gaps. This approach enables us to deliver a bespoke course to meet the needs of each individual learner.   Our face to face courses are delivered by expert trainers who facilitate classroom learning, skills practice and controlled exercises within a ‘live’ environment.   As a number of our courses impart some sensitive tradecraft tips, Antevorte Ltd will carry out due diligence on all applicants.

    Surveillance courses online - taught by experts in the field of corporate surveillance

    Basic Surveillance Training Course

    This course is the first building block for any investigator who wishes to successfully conduct covert surveillance in order to augment existing investigative skills. The course will suit those who have never had formal surveillance instruction or have limited experience of surveillance operations.

    The course is based on a proven method of surveillance instruction. By deconstructing the surveillance process the course provides students with a practical understanding of basic principles. The course will teach students the skills necessary to conduct limited covert surveillance operations both on foot and with vehicles.

    Online Surveillance Courses for advanced learning

    Advanced Surveillance Training Course

    This course is suitable for law enforcement officers who are not fully trained in surveillance and do not have experience in working within an operational team. This is a modular-based course with the opportunity to practice skills learned on the course in a controlled environment.

    The course is an introduction to the law enforcement standard of surveillance. It will give participants the required individual and team skills to covertly and safely perform surveillance in a variety of environments. This course will benefit individuals or whole teams who have very basic knowledge of surveillance but have not received any formal training.

    Online surveillance team training by experts in the field of security and surveillance

    Surveillance Team ‘In Service’ Training Course

    This course is suitable for law-enforcement teams who have current operating knowledge of surveillance but wish to practice their skills and tactics in a partially controlled environment. The course should be considered as ‘in-service’ training and is only suitable for those who have already undergone surveillance training or have significant experience of working within an operational surveillance team.

    The course will test the effectiveness of a trained operational surveillance team within a controlled scenario based environment.

    The course will allow the teams to practice core skills and to try out new ideas.

    The course will allow an opportunity for team building.


    Surveillance Appreciation Online Training

    The course is designed to assist managers and investigators who have little surveillance experience but might wish to task surveillance connected to an investigation for which they are responsible.

    Surveillance is a very useful investigative tool but can often prove to be an expensive resource and should never be deployed without careful consideration and adequate planning. This course will ensure that those responsible for tasking are able to launch an adequately planned, legal and cost-effective surveillance operation which has the best chance of meeting investigative objectives.


    Anti Surveillance Training Course

    Surveillance is used extensively by law enforcement agencies in order to gather information. It is also used by both criminals and business competitors in order to gather information which can be exploited to the detriment of an operative, a company, a high net worth individual or celebrity.

    The purpose of this course is to train those at risk, or those responsible for the safety of those at risk, to detect surveillance. This is achieved by helping them understand how surveillance operates and explaining how to perform simple drills which can confirm the presence of surveillance. The course will also offer practical advice which will prevent hostile situations from developing.

    This course is also currently available by eLearning or face to face.



    Freight crime is well organised and criminals are becoming more audacious. Therefore driver safety is of the utmost importance. Safety is often viewed as the responsibility of the individual driver. However, many drivers receive little or no security training.


    Our HGV Driver Safety and Security Course has cutting edge content and covers a wide range of relevant topics. The learning is tested and is designed to increase driver awareness, competence and confidence. The learner can complete the course at their own pace and it is available in many languages. Learning can be managed by an employer and driver competency can be assessed on an ongoing basis.

    Online Training Available

    Our training courses are available worldwide and can be delivered both via eLearning and face to face. 

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