Keeping people and business SAFE and SECURE

    What is surveillance?

    ‘The covert observation of an individual, object or location with the aim of gathering intelligence or evidence’ (Antevorte 2010)

    Antevorte is a UK based company providing surveillance services and investigations to support business and government to help them prevent and detect crime.
    We have a proven track record of gathering intelligence and evidence for use in both civil and criminal courts. Our covert surveillance operations regularly support:: 

    • HR investigations
    • Fraud and Theft Investigations
    • Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations
    • Commercial and Legal Disputes
    • Due Diligence Investigations

    Here’s what some people have said about our work:

    • “We’re amazed by how you are able to get such great results with so few resources” (Senior Police Officer)
    • “We passed your evidence on to the Police. They were impressed by the sheer amount of evidence collected during the operation” (Global Security Director)
    • "The surveillance team handed the investigation to me on a plate" (Trading Standards Officer)

    UK Based Professional Surveillance Team

    • Screened and experienced team of professionals
    • Assessed annually against BS 102000: 2018 Code of Conduct for Investigators
    • Our evidence regularly contributes to criminal convictions or supports civil litigation

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    We were delighted with this testimonial which said we had
    • Basic Covert Surveillance Training
    • Advances Surveillance Training
    • Surveillance Team Training
    • Anti-Surveillance Training
    • Surveillance Appreciation Training

    Situation Awareness and Personal Safety Training - New and Improved!

    • Undercover operations
    • Test Purchases
    • Physical Penetration Testing
    • Security Surveys
    • Workplace Investigations
    We were delighted with this testimonial which said we had

    "I really wanted to thank you for the exceptional and in many ways, groundbreaking work that your team undertook. It's clear that wider law enforcement have adopted many of the tactics and policies we put in place, which is further testament to the value and credibility of your work. As you know, the CPS went through all our material and accepted it. The defence also accepted your evidence and decided not to call any witnesses. The Police are still referring to this case as the largest dark net investigation undertaken in the UK and their figures support this assessment: The OCG produced nearly seven million counterfeit prescription tranquilizers with a street value of over £20,000,000. All five key members of the OCG have pleaded guilty to the offences."
    (Investigations Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Company)



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