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    Regulation Of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) Awareness

    Online Course

    Regulation Of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) Awareness Course

    Delivery Type: Online

    Duration: Approx. 4 hours
    Cost: £100 + VAT

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    Learn more about working with the Regulation Of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) or Regulation Of Investigatory Powers (Scotland) Act legislation (RIP(S)A), with our short, online awareness course

    Our RIPA/RIP(S)A awareness training course is designed to simplify the complex. It will enable the likes of local authority employees, legal professionals or HR Managers to successfully work with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) or the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Scotland) Act (RIP(S)A), in their day-to-day role. It is ideal for those who are doing the doing, those who are working with this framework for the first time or who have limited prior knowledge around RIPA/ RIP(S)A legislation.

    What is the Regulation Of Investigatory Powers Act?

    This Act, more commonly known as RIPA (or RIP(S)A if working in Scotland) is legislation that governs the use of covert techniques by public bodies such as Local Authorities, Government departments, Higher Education institutions or the NHS.

    Why study this course?

    Developed by our team or world-class experts, in partnership with our eLearning partner Grey Matter Learning, this interactive course will demonstrate how to work within the framework of the RIPA/RIP(S)A legislation to conduct lawful, necessary and proportionate investigations. It will cover areas such as;

    • The purpose of the RIPA/RIP(S)A legislation along with the impacts of this
    • How to work within this framework
    • The use of surveillance and surveillance powers that are specifically governed by this framework
    • RIPA/RIP(S)A and Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS)
    • How necessity and proportionality apply to practical situations when deciding whether authorisation is required
    • How to comply to legal requirements around planning, authorising or conducting covert investigatory activity
    • General rules around authorisation including procedures for Directed Surveillance and CHIS
    • Using and intercepting communications such as calls, emails and social media content as part of your investigation
    • Safeguards

    And much more!

    The Regulation Of Investigatory Powers Act mainly draws on two pieces of governance to gather information, the European Convention On Human Rights and the Data Protection Act 2018. During this course, we will explore how these two activities can be used when applying for and conducting investigations.

    Who should attend this RIPA/RIP(S)A course?

    This short, online course is suitable for a range of professionals including;

    • Frontline employees who may be called upon to conduct investigations into members of the public on behalf of an organisation such as a Local Authority Investigator
    • Individuals responsible for authorising any covert investigative activity such as a Head of Regulatory Services, Head of Legal, HR Managers, Borough Solicitor or Finance Directors

    Did you know… by not correctly adhering to this regulation, your organisation could face a maximum penalty brought forward by the government of £50,000?

    How is this course delivered?

    Say goodbye to boring presentations and hello to a more interactive and engaging way of learning! Using scenarios-based learning and assessment, this interactive course will get participants thinking about the practical applications of the RIPA/RIP(S)A framework, and how this may apply to their organisation.

    The course is delivered 100% online, meaning it is available 24/7. By teaming up with our eLearning partner, and combining their interactive platform with our vast industry knowledge, we can offer our learners a training course like no other!

    How long will this course last?

    It is recommended that participants take approximately 4 hours to complete this course.

    What do participants get at the end?

    In addition to being far better equipped to work successfully within this framework, participants will also receive a CPD accredited certificate upon completion.

    RIPA/RIP(S)A awareness is your friend, not your enemy. It will help to safeguard your business, colleagues as well as the public.

    Why should you parter with us? Let one of our customers tell you more...

    “We were impressed with Antevorte's submission, both in terms of their clear knowledge of the subject, and their understanding of its practical application.

    As the COVID:19 pandemic began to take effect it became clear that classroom-based training would no longer be appropriate, and Antevorte were quick to suggest a change of approach to an online resource. Throughout the development of the course Antevorte were quick to respond and focussed on our needs and requests.

    We have found Antevorte to be an efficient and knowledgeable partner, communicative and accessible."

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    You can’t put a price on compliance


    By investing in 4 hours of staff training, you could save your organisation thousands further down the line.


    If you wish to know more, please contact us on 01635 861242 or or complete our form

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