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    It didn’t just fall off the back of a lorry – it was probably stolen by one of the Organised Crime Groups (OCGs), who target HGVs in the UK on an ongoing basis.

    Did you know that every year there are approximately 5,000 thefts from HGVs parked overnight or on the move in the UK? The average loss, based on cost price alone, is around £50,000.00. Some individual losses are worth millions. These figures only represent the incidents that are reported to NaVCIS, who are the Police unit responsible for monitoring freight crime. There are likely to be many thousands more incidents that do not ever get included within the statistics. If you count all costs, including damage, lost driving hours, lost customers, supply chain disruption, investigation costs and reputational damage, the annual cost of freight theft to the UK economy is assessed by some insurers as being close to one billion pounds.

    Trailer “hook up thefts”, curtain slashing and diesel thefts are frequent. ‘Jump Ups’, ‘Romanian Rollover’, ‘Deception Theft’ and Hijackings were once crimes seen only in Europe, but now they happen regularly within the UK.

    Drivers are in the front line of this crime epidemic, as criminals take more opportunities and exploit the vulnerable in very difficult times.

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    Organised Criminal Groups (OCGs)

    OCGs involved in freight crime are both organised and professional. The criminals operate in numbers and target most parts of the UK.

    The criminals understand supply chain and the routes where there is an increased likelihood of stealing a specific product or a high value load.
    Often, upwards of 4 or 5 criminals will be involved in one theft from an HGV. They will also use more than one vehicle. One of these will normally be a lorry or van to transport the stolen goods. Other vehicles will act as scouts, looking for a vulnerable vehicle or a vehicle containing valuable products.

    The groups are sophisticated, they know about Police tactics and can avoid CCTV and ANPR. The criminals run their ‘businesses’ like many legitimate companies and they will steal whatever brings them a reasonable return for their efforts.

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    What can we do to stop the criminals?

    Free Driver CPD accredited Safety and Freight Security Course

    There is an element of risk in many professions and no driver can ever be completely safe, however, there are some very simple steps that everyone can take to make it harder for criminals to steal vehicles, loads and fuel.

    Ensure that all your drivers are well trained and that they are aware of the risks.

    Antevorte has worked with NaVCIS to produce some e-learning designed specifically to help drivers make the right choices.

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    Access Our Free Driver Safety And Freight Security Course

    If you would like to be better prepared to meet the security and safety challenges offered by Organised Crime Groups, all you need to do is click on the link and provide your email address and job title.

    If you are a haulier, ensure that your yard is secure and that you are not vulnerable to trailer hook ups.

    If you are a manufacturer, ensure that those who are responsible for transporting your products have effective security measures in place. Antevorte can conduct a physical security survey to ensure that your haulier and their sub-contractors operate from a secure location. Surveys are available from £250.00 depending on location and include a short report detailing potential weaknesses and recommendations for improvement.

    You can find out more about the site security surveys here.



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