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    It didn’t just fall off the back of a lorry – it was stolen by one of the Organised Crime Groups (OCGs), who target HGVs in the UK on an ongoing basis.

    Did you know that in 2020 there were approximately 4,500 thefts from HGVs parked overnight or on the move in the UK? The average loss, based on cost price alone, was not far off £50,000.00. These figures only represent the incidents that are reported to NaVCIS, who are the Police unit responsible for monitoring freight crime. There are likely to be many thousands more incidents that do not get reported to NaVCIS.

    Curtain slashing and diesel thefts are frequent. ‘Jump Ups’, ‘Romanian Rollover’, ‘Deception Theft’ and Hijackings were once crimes seen only in Europe, but not anymore. 
    See this video here of lorry Hijacking:

    Drivers are in the front line of this crime epidemic, as criminals take more opportunities and exploit the vulnerable in very difficult times.

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    Organised Criminal Groups (OCGs)

    OCGs involved in freight crime are both organised and professional. The criminals operate in numbers and target most parts of the UK.
    They understand supply chain and the routes where there is an increased likelihood of stealing a specific product or a high value load.
    Often, upwards of 4 or 5 criminals will be involved in one theft from an HGV. They will also use more than one vehicle. One of these will normally be a lorry or van to transport the stolen goods. Other vehicles will act as scouts, looking for a vulnerable vehicle or valuable products.

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    Victims are rarely chosen at random. The criminals often target specific products and will select what they assess as vulnerable vehicles. No load is safe, if the criminals believe that they can find a buyer to move the goods on quickly.

    The groups are sophisticated, they know about Police tactics and can avoid CCTV and ANPR. The criminals run their ‘businesses’ like many legitimate companies and they will steal whatever brings them a reasonable return for their efforts and what is easy to sell on to their buyers. A container load of prams might be worth £500,000, but it might be hard to sell on. A load of washing powder might only be worth £20,000, but if you can sell it on to one buyer quickly, then it’s still a nice pay day. No load is safe if the product is on someone’s shopping list.

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    The possibility of earning large amounts of money, (when jobs are scarce and the risk of getting caught is low), mean that Police figures for freight crime have increased each year since 2015. Despite the recent lockdowns, the trend continued in 2020, with new types of freight crime emerging as threats.

    The criminals know what they are doing and they prey on hard working people like you & I.

    We need to do all that we can to minimise the risk. 

    The OCGs know what they are doing and they prey on the vulnerable. Manufacturers, large hauliers, small hauliers, owner drivers, agency drivers, we are all at risk.
    Goods are insured, but the disruption caused by a theft goes way beyond the loss of the load. The actual annual loss to the economy caused by the freight thefts in the UK is estimated by insurers to be around £700 million.
    If you count all costs including damage, lost driving hours, lost customers, supply chain disruption, investigation costs and reputational damage, the impact of this criminality is enormous.

    Who ultimately pays for this huge loss? YOU DO! Premiums increase, prices increase and jobs are cut.

    What can I do about it? Stuff happens! The majority of freight crime occurs during transit. This makes the things that you and your fellow drivers do, the first line of defence against the Organised Criminal Gangs. For example, how you park, where you park and when you park, can reduce the risk of you becoming a victim. Thankfully, the use of violence by the groups is rare, but it is not unheard of and a driver should never put the safety of a load before his or her own safety.

    There is an element of risk in many professions and no driver can ever be completely safe. However, there are some very simple steps that everyone can take to make it harder for criminals to steal vehicles, loads and fuel.

    By the way, our three top tips to avoid hijacking are:

    • Always ensure that your phone is fully charged, available and always be aware of your exact location
    • Always park overnight in a secure parking area if at all possible
    • If you are pulled over by an ‘official’ keep your doors locked and engine running, until you are completely happy that the ‘official’ is genuine. If you are not happy then call the Police and drive to the nearest Police station or services.

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