Keeping people and business SAFE and SECURE

    At Antevorte we believe that physical security measures should be continually tested and if necessary, practical changes should be made.

    In order to help keep businesses and people safe, at the request of our customers, we now offer a Physical Security Survey, which can be conducted as either a standalone service or in conjunction with a Physical Penetration Test.

    We approach security review considering both opportunist and planned criminality. Every review is conducted by a specialist with experience of bypassing physical security measures during covert operations.

    The review considers all of the physical measures in place within the business and comments on their effectiveness, making sensible and sympathetic recommendations where necessary.

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    Who Can Benefit from Physical Security Site Survey

    Vandalism and theft and on-site security breaches can happen in any company, large all small. Whether your are a haulier, warehouse owner, managing hotels, garages, office space, retail stores and even bigger transport such as train stations and airlines, you need to protect against this sort of crime.

    Our Surveys Will Normally Cover the Following Areas

    • Site vulnerability assessment
    • The effectiveness of the perimeter
    • On site physical security measures
    • Access control
    • Manned guarding (if applicable)
    • CCTV (if applicable)
    • The security implications of the site functions
    • General housekeeping and security culture

    Consider a Physical Security Site Survey Now

    This type of review is very useful for most businesses, but is essential for those involved in haulage and distribution. A review of physical security should be considered a minimum requirement prior to engaging a subcontractor. In our experience most loads are stolen from a yard belonging to a subcontractor where no security assessment has been made and this means that loaded trailers are potentially vulnerable.
    As result of our experience in investigating freight crime, we specialise in helping hauliers take cost effective measures to keep both vehicles and loads secure.
    We regularly survey offices and factories as part of our Physical Penetration Testing service, where we attempt to gain access to a location covertly using social engineering techniques.

    Prices for these services depend on the type of business, survey objectives and the location. We are happy to discuss your requirements free of charge and provide a quotation.
    Please register for our FREE Driver Safety and Freight Security course produced in consultation with NaVCIS.




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