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    Personal Safety Case Study

    High profile family

    Antevorte Ltd has recently provided surveillance detection and situation awareness training with a well-known UK based family for whom safety and security is a real concern.

    The family understands that they are high profile and potentially at risk.

    However, they wish to live their lives as normally as possible, without an entourage of security professionals watching their every move.


    We provide courses and training on situation awareness training

    Face to face training

    Our ‘face to face’ training was delivered incorporating social distancing measures and was designed to allow the participant the opportunity to notice and evaluate much more of what is happening around them.

    The training incorporated a number of different surveillance detection techniques and also delivered advice about how to assess situations and react appropriately.

    One of the key learning points of the training is that prevention is always preferred to a cure!


    Personal Safety and Situation Awareness Training Case Study

    Open air training

    The training took place in the open air and concluded with a fun but realistic scenario based exercise.

    The family and some of their key employees all completed the course and are now able to do all the things that they enjoy, without the constant attention of their security team.
    This allows them more privacy and freedom.

    This type of training is very relevant at this time and we all deserve the opportunity to live life without fear. Antevorte has produced an online introduction to our training which provides FREE SAFETY ADVICE FOR ALL.

    Please take the course, it takes 20 minutes to complete. 
    Take our FREE Personal Safety Course.

    We provide situation awareness training for families and staff

    Book your face-2-face training to keep you and your family safe

    We offer face to face training courses for any person, family or organisation.

    However, our courses are particularly useful to those in the public eye or those who might be at risk when travelling or working abroad.

    The training is offered as a ½ day course and can be delivered almost anywhere. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

    BANANA – Be Aware, Notice, Assess, New Action.


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